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I am newcomer about hack. can Somebody help me ?


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my daughter is eleven years old, just grade 5 of primary school. she is in home to study online. she is used to watch tiktok.com or bilili.com etc in class. so I eagerly want to looking for a kind of free remote control hack tool, do anybody help me? thanks very much!

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I agree with dark_pyrro here. Grade five, that makes her what 10-12 ?.

Now might be a good time to talk to her a bit about the dangers of the internet, and why you should not give out identifying info to someone you've just met in a chatroom, and under no circumstances go meet someone without asking you or her mom.
And why not to answer any strange emails, click on links to unknown files and so on 🙂
And without scaring her, learn her that not everybody is good, there are jerks out there, some more dangerous than others 😞

But I think, the most important thing you can learn her, is that she always can come and talk to you if she has any doubts about something, or experienced something unpleasant online. Stimulate an open environment, and trust between you, and let her know she can always come to you, and talk to you.

Yes, you could monitor the system if you would, but believe me, kids will find a way around that, they are pretty clever that way 😉


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