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How do i make a ftp on xp pro(i'm a noob at this stuff)


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I have a d-link di 714p+ router and a few Xp comps and one Xp pro. I want to make the pro into a nas or sever so i can back up stuff and get info when i'm at friends places. My small problem is that i donno how to, but i would like to learn? pls.. :?: would a ftp server be better?

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Filezilla FTP server

Additionally: The FTP protocol is inherently very insecure (every thing, including passwords is sent in plain text)

Filezilla does sFTP.

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a little off topic, but u said you have a couple comps running xp, and one running xp pro? if you ever get the chance you should switch all of them over to xp pro (more features particularily with networking, which is of interest to you)

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Google HFS me and my buds transfer porn almost everyday via hfs

for mass file transfer HFS isnt handy for u'd need to click each file ....

i advise the free TYPSoft FTP Server

it can be downloaded from http://php.typsoft.com/download.php?id=2

their homepage is http://en.typsoft.com/

its easy to use , small footprint ,portable and for me it works @ school (and hfs doesn't ...)

ps also take a look @ http://www.portablefreeware.com lots of great portable apps :P

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