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Cane&Able ARP


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I just started playing with the Cane & Able ARP poisoning

i tried to configure it as it should, but for some reason its not  loggind data, i tried on my wifi and i can see the hosts and where they connect to

but none of the data 😞 no passwords and no files

what am i missing ???

cap1.png cap2.png

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i just pressed HTTPS for taking the screenshot 🙂

on my friend laptop i saw he saw my user and password for my pop3

on my laptop when i press the password tab i cannot see nothing 😞


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1.i uncheck ipv 6

2.check the dns checkbox

3 i check my netcard with the ip under configuration 

4.activate the sniffer , go to sniffer and press the + sign

5.selcet all the range

6.go to APR tab and press + (select on the right all the hosts)

7 press the start/stop APR

wait .......no pop/imap password 😞

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