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502 bad gateway evil portal preview teste site

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I downloaded the portals and when I go to do the tests example google-logion the error message appears 502 bad gateway ?
I need help to solve this case.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help
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Good Morning,

Thanks for the feedback. 

Downloaded from kleo/portal.


could you help me with noDogSplash and Splash,
because in the videos I followed to install it doesn't mention any of that


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OK, I just mentioned that because I suspect that you have posted this in the wrong section of the forums. Are you really using a Mark V Pineapple or are you using a Mark VII Pineapple? If the latter, then NoDogSplash or Splash isn't relevant at all. And, if you are actually using a Mark V, then the Kleo portals aren't going to help you since they are made for the Mark VI and above (or for the Mark VI really, but they work on the Mark VII as well), not for older generations of the Pineapple than that.

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