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Can not upload recovery firmware. (non-functioning wifi pineapple mark 7 for sale cheap!!)


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I got this wifi pineapple about a year ago. I had issues getting it set up and had issues getting support for that so I threw it on my dresses and it must have fallen behind it because I just about forgot about it until today. So I plugged it in but the localhost page doesn't fully load so I go to the website and was going to try just factory reset the thing which basicallyh led me to the recovery firmware instrictions. So I follow the CLI instructions sudo eth0 down, no error messages, add the ip/subnet mask, no error messages, sudo bring it back up and still no error messages. unplug it plug it back in and navigate to and can't load the page. rebooted my computer reset the wifi pineapple again and went through the steps again and still can't load the page. lsusb sees it as

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0b95:772b ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88772B

so I know it's there and that linux sees it but still nothing.

So I paid, I think, somewhere close to $100

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I have no suggestions to what you should do with it, it's your choice. All I know is that none of the scenarios that you describe should normally be an issue. You should, of course, get some kind of official response if submitting a support ticket, but I can't comment on that since I have no insight in that process.

Do you get the red solid LED when entering recovery mode?

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