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MacOS - Connection via USB-C (Pings but no web UI)

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Before anyone asks, yes, I am aware that MacOS has issues with connecting to the Pineapple but I feel like I'm close here.

I installed the latest AXIS AX88772C driver for MacOS 12 and setup the adapter with a manual IP of and subnet of All other fields are blank. The adapter is the first in terms of priority in the Network settings.


PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.068 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.100 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.161 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=64 time=0.179 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=64 time=0.177 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=64 time=0.184 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=6 ttl=64 time=0.081 ms
--- ping statistics ---
7 packets transmitted, 7 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 0.068/0.136/0.184/0.047 ms


	ether 00:13:37:a7:70:91 
	inet netmask 0xffff0000 broadcast
	nd6 options=201<PERFORMNUD,DAD>
	media: autoselect (100baseTX <full-duplex,flow-control>)
	status: active

However, I cannot access the UI at from any browser, and a ping of that address fails. If I connect via the management wifi, the Pineapple networking tab lists:

eth0	Up,Broadcast,Multicast
br-lan		Up,Broadcast,Multicast

Am I close to getting a connection here, or am I missing some major roadblock that makes this impossible? If I'm not mistaken, shouldn't eth0 be a different address?

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eth0 shouldn't get an IP address of its own. eth0 is bridged to br-lan in /etc/config/network. You're getting an "APIPA" address. This might be because of the issues you have posted in the 1.1.1 firmware thread. Not entirely sure it's because you have thrown in MacOS in the mix, but it might affect it all since it's tagged as not supported if running on newer version of the OS (as you mentioned).

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