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Hackers Black Book?


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I found a book on the internet called the 'Hackers Black Book'. I want to know if anyone has read it and if it any good.

I know programming languages very well. It just sucks not programming a lot, because the only thing you put the programming in is robots. I wanna learn to make some other types of code.

I know C, Basic, Java (Basic Programming) best, and others not so well because I have never had a chance to really use them.

Any Ideas? :zombie:

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the hackers black book is rathe rout dated (the one i skimmed through anyway) most of it is, programing (such is hacking_).

Is it any good? hmm yeah it wasnt bad to start with, but its designated for ppl who are general computer uses to step up in the world, and pretty much all the way through it, it repeats, "Learn Python, Learn Perl, Learn Java, Learn C".

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You really can’t expect to be able to get a good grasp of hacking from reading one. Go read the entire Oreilly library and maybe the “The complete references” books.  I don’t know how someone could learn C for any purpose (robots in your case) and not be able to adapt what they have learned to other tasks.

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