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Developing a Farming Bot in a Android Game


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Hi guys,

I played a freemium / micropayment game. As supposed it was fun. I also invested a bit there.

Fun stopped once I realized I can not win against all the people buying cheap ressoruces of bots in this game. kno

However I really liked the idea. So I thought it would be nice to develop your own bot. I am familiar with python / java / r hwoever have never developed anything for android.
The first step would to get the game running on my laptop (Linux)
So what am I looking for:

- A way to emulate my game (android) on a linux machine

- Without the necessity to register a google account including a fake number

- Alternative a fake number (app) or something to create the mandatory google accounts

I know there is bluestacks, however it does requires to register. with google and is additionally not available for Linux.

I tried anbox and did the .APK file for my game from another 3rd Party website, but I was not able to start my game this way.

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You got fed up of others cheating and using bots so you decided to build one of your own and become one of the people spoiling the game for others.

Sounds like a jerk move to me.

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Thanks for your honest opinion. It kinda is a douchy move.

I tried it the legal way, and filed like ~10-15 complaints (including screenshots and detailed descriptions of what happened when and where), without any consequences for those players. It is just painful to watch if you just sit there and not having the ability to do anything about it.

Further, would you still consider it cheating if the devs/ maintainer of the game obviously do not care and nearly every one does it?

I just do not see besides paying the game for micro actions to also paying some bot farm for something I could basically write my self.
In the meantime I got a rural form of the bot running with bluestacks.

Anyway I would prefer to write my own code (not a macro recorder; which I started in the meantime with python). And further more develop on linux and not windows,
meaning the need for another emulator that works well under linux. Also I could use a fake number to register with google.

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