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Cloud C2. What is it? Do I need it?


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So I get the offer when I purchase a model Vii

do I actually need this cloud thing? or may I operate the pineapple directly from my laptop of desktop (to start of with @ Home)??

Cannot find this specific questions either in the forums or on the purchase page.

Many thanks

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No, you don't need it. In fact, I never use the Mark VII along with Cloud C2. All the other C2 enabled Hak5 devices that I have in my arsenal is connected though. My choice of not connecting the Pineapple to C2 is based on the fact that you don't get access to the local web UI when you connect it to C2 and I mainly use the local web UI. So, you can buy the Mark VII without the need of setting up a Cloud C2 server.

You can read more about Cloud C2 and its features in the shop or in the documentation.



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