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Old Mark V Infusions are empty.


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I found my old Mark 5 and was working with it. 
I notice that when I click on Pineapple Bar and Infusions there are no infusions found.

The unit is connected to internet, and I am connected through it so I know it works. 
I thought it got infusions released by others on that tab. 

There are lots of infusions listed here. 

So why do I not see any? Latest V 2.x software. Maybe the infusions are not hosted correctly so the 2.x software can find them? 

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Since the product is EOL (late 2015), the infrastructure needed is not there anymore. That wiki is still there, but it has since long been tagged as deprecated. The OTA Pineapple Bar downloads was also deprecated due to security aspects and changes in infrastructure. Therefor you can't list/download any infusions straight to the Mark V from the internet.

Try this instead:




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