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DuckiesqueUI -- Gone? Alternatives? Help!


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Hello all, 

Around this time last year I came across a tool called DuckiequeUI--it was a really cool utility that let you run Duckyscript locally on your own computer to prototype/debug/test scripts without the hassle of plugging in a bad USB over and over again. There was a form post about it here on the Rubber Ducky forum but the user deleted it. They were hosting it on their github page, but the repo is now gone. 

I teach ethical hacking concepts and this was a godsend for the lesson I did on Bad USBs and Ducky Script. It allowed me to run a whole lesson without the need of physical devices. I actually have a lone copy of the .exe but it was an outdated version that had some encoding errors that the author fixed later in a different version. 

My ask:

  • Does anyone have a copy of this tool before it went down? 
  • Is there any way that I can somehow look at an archived version of a repo that a user took down? 
  • Is there any similar alterative? 

I included some screenshots to show the repo and the UI. I recorded some video walkthroughs for my students and so I have "evidence" that this tool existed at one point. 

Any help here would be awesome!



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@ScoutIs there any way you can put the .exe you do have in an accessible Google Folder drive so I can test it out? 
I have spent the last few hours scouring the web for this program and cannot find it unfortunately. 
I'm still web crawling for it elsewhere, but dang it's just this post usually as a result. 

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