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Evil twin variant help needed


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Hi guys!

I don't want to create classical evil twin portal. Pen tested it, works, al least airgeddon one and fluxion is decent.

I want to create completely the same working portal as evil twin, except I want to give it a custom name. So it works the same, but the name of the AP - essid is as I see fit.

That scripts don't offer that option. I could rewrite them, but that would be hassle. Is someone willing to give me an advice how could I do it fast, with not too much hassle?

I tried with mdk3 and created a fake AP. Works nicely, except it would be better if it would capture all wifi password login attempts.  I can do mdk4, mdk3 or classic deauth separately.

 I use Kali and Parrot Os for pen testing.


Thank you!





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