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Routing TCP/IP using Packet squirrel

Roger Sing

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I am trying to use the Packet Squirrel to work on a TCP/IP.  I am trying to pentest an environment where incoming packets needs to be scanned and if correct message is found, it needs to be altered and routed to origin.  Will it be possible to write a payload for the Linux platform of Packet Squirrel and route traffic?

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You need to elaborate on that scenario. What kind of traffic are you trying to intercept and analyze? What "messages" are you planning to trigger on? What do you mean when you say you want to alter the traffic? What's the definition of "origin"? Live packet inspection will most likely be a hefty challenge for something like the Squirrel.

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In our scenario we have a device A  connected to a network N.
A is sending and receiving packets to and from N.

We wish to insert the Packet Squirrel as a man-in-the-middle device.
In our scenario, we wish to write a filter that would look for a certain pattern in the packets sent from A to N.
If that pattern is not found, packets are normally sent to N.
If that pattern is found, packets are been processed and removed so that they are not be sent to N.
Reverserly we wish to inject packets that will appear to A as coming (as answers for example) from N.

The pattern may be various but what we need to understand is: do we have the ability to do what has been previously described using Packet Squirrel?

Thanks and Thank You for your answers in advance!

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