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Please can someone help I tryed contacting support but no ones replyed yet after 5 days?


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Upload Firmware File Times out on trying to upload mk7_recovery_1.0.1.bin to WiFi Pineapple Mark VII 

WiFi Pineapple Mark VII.

I have Followed the factory-reset-and-recovery video at hack 5 https://docs.hak5.org/wifi-pineapple/faq/factory-reset-and-recovery

I get the the recovery page on the pineapple  

When I try to upload the correct file the progress circle stays on upload... 
the light is solid red all the time & dose not change colour then the browser times out with message Unable to connect

Then to reconnect again  I hold reset for 3 blinking red lights & follow instructions to get recovery page.

I've tried multiple USB ports & leads

Using Kali 2021
I have downloaded the correct recovery file from hak5 
I copy the file to local drive /Downloads browse to and followed instruction video 
red light stays solid then Browser times out after 15 minuets or longer with message Unable to connect.

I have looked on your support forums and can't seem to find anyone with my problem.

Please can anyone help me please


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