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Setup Failed, Wifi Pineaplle MKVII


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Hi everyone,

I just got the PA MKVII and i am trying to set it up but i am running into a problem.

I cant seem too complete the setup (says: Setup Failed, Please try again), i have redone the setup atleast 5-6 times with the same info everytime.

I have the PA plugged into my laptop via USB-C and i connect to (on windows)


The weird thing is that when i complete the setup i still see the Management SSID change to the name i set it too and i see the Open SSID , even though the setup failed. And when i try to connect again/try again i see the dashboard pop up for a micro second.


I hope anyone has a solution for this or i would have to do a factory reset.




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8 minutes ago, dark_pyrro said:

What firmware file are you using? Recovery image?

yes at first i used the search over internet fuction. 

after resetting it asked if i wanted to upload it manually or let the PA search for it itself, so i let the PA search for it (might have done that bit wrong) 


But i might have found a cause of the setup failing, because when i need to do the verifying the whole pineapple network just disappears completely 

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2 minutes ago, dark_pyrro said:

What network is disappearing? Ethernet using USB-C or the access point(s)?

The access points (the one's that you create in the setup, management and open SSID)


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If you ssh into the Pineapple (or use the Web Shell in the web UI) and execute ifconfig, can you see the different wlan0 interfaces?

Running "uci show wireless" (without the quote marks) should also show radio0 and the interfaces linked to radio0 (the wlan0 interfaces, at least wlan0 and wlan0-1). If not, it seems as if the SoC radio isn't working as it should.

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So i did a recovery/reset with the link you provided and it still gives the same error "setup failed. please try again". I also did it in another browser.

here are some foto's of the steps: https://imgur.com/a/FhNCn2c


I still dont understand why the network (pineapple_xxxx) dissapears from my list when i am configuring my PA.

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