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Cannot authenticate brand new Mark 7


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I just received my device the other day and am spending way too much time trying to get the thing going...!

I'm at Step 0.  I need a visual on this.  I dont even understand the Set-up by USB-C Ethernet instructions...How can I connect to the USB-C port (with an Ethernet converter) if my USB-C is already connected to my laptop providing the power over that port on the device????  Should I connect the USB-A to the ethernet port directly to my laptop because it is not working via my hub.  What exactly is the next step?  Network settings?  that doesnt make technical sense.

I can connect to the device via Pineapple_xxxx wifi but I cannot authenticate

So, I'm trying plan B with a thumb drive to the USB-A.  I can connect to the port but it will not take the default config.txt file with the default password for root!!???  HELP!! 

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