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How do I use an alt+spacebar combo in ducky script?


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I'm trying to write a ducky script for my rubber ducky that will open the powershell terminal and then make the screen rain the green digits like in the matrix, but in order to maximize the effect I want to make the shell window max size as soon as it opens and i dont know how to do that with keystrokes other than alt+spacebar to open the upper left window menu and hitting "x" to maximize. How would I put that button combo into ducky script? Would it be

"alt spacebar" or 

"alt  space" kind of how to open the shell or notepad you start it with

"GUI r" to signify the windows button plus r to open the run menu (I know the quote marks dont go there, just using them to seperate the button combos for this example). Anyhow, I'm at at a stand still till I can figure this out. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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