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sha256 checksum fails for wp7.sh


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Hey all,

Question regarding the sha256 checksum for the Mk7 Tools shell script:

sha256sum on wp7.sh (on Win11) returns: 7d0b4704c07f12a657da1d54a11795984122c9bf2d4b81ad5847f1cd70f15146

BUT the DL page has the following for same file (wp7.sh):

2020-10-30    wp7.sh    bc95fa4677a6b60a48fc7c514e2debbbcbef94f7b0f897f4d413105a8def29a9          

Has the chksum been updated to reflect any subsequent mods to the script? If not, any ideas?

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This was mentioned back in October last year on Discord, and the response from Foxtrot was that it was going to be checked. He's not working for Hak5 anymore sadly, so I don't know if this was verified or not, so no news on that as I can remember. However, it's a script file, so if you are worried, you could check the script for anything that might be nefarious (not that I think it is). But, the actual question is, why would you use the wp7.sh script file for the Tetra? Not that it differs a lot, but I'd use the wp6.sh file that is intended to be used with the 6th generation Pineapples.

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Thanks for the info @dark_pyrro // and you busted me... I put this into the wrong forum - should be in Mk VII. In general, I don't think there is anything nefarious going down w. the shell code,but V&V of DL'd executables is a reqd/documented item in our new workflows - I imagine it'll be increasingly reqd in the future across the board. Chksum fails could be a show-stopper in those cases, or at least a red-ass in lieu of a code review... one that's avoidable with a simple content update. Not preachin', just sayin'.

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