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bash bunny does not work


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no matter what i try i cannot get this thing to work. same thing with the rubber duck. i go and copy the payloadtxt from github and copy and paste it into the switch1 and eject it and try it and it wont work. Its completely updated, btw. ive gone on the discord and read the book. but no matter what i do i cant seem to get it to work.

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What are you trying to do ?

You simply can't just copy the payload.txt directly and expect it to work out of the box.
Start by writing a test script, that simply opens a text editor and write out every character from your keyboard.

Boring, I know. But that will tell you if all characters make it through, and that your setup is working as it should. Then try payloads, play with them, edit them, and see if you get it to work. Note that keyboard settings have to match the target country / keyboard settings, or else some payloads will fail.

If you thought you bought a payload delivery system that "just works", and "can hack everything..", you are wrong. It's a development platform for your own projects, not a magic bullet 😉

Have fun exploring 😉

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