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More detailed information on the GUI settings / training enquiry


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I’m brand new to the MK7 but I’ve been using a nano / tetra and non Hak5 kit for the past couple of years now. I’m almost exclusively set up for the physical penetration side of this world, lock defeat being my speciality. So I’m on the path to learn some programming, better understanding of tools like wire shark etc etc. 

Not in the category of thinking the device is a all in one solution so I’m not expecting after 30 minutes to be an expert!

Based in the South East, UK and what I’m wondering is there anyone out there who is a guru on using the pineapple and other tools like the lan turtle who would either offer 1 to 1 training or do some kind of skill swap. I am set up to do lock training in my workshop and have been doing it for many years, I can cover practically any lock system in the UK (all your residential / commercial stuff).

I’d really only offer a ‘skill swap’ kind of thing for someone working in the penetration testing world due to the security side of it all. I’m aware of loads of locksmith training companies out there who don’t care who they train as its all about the cash but I’m more in it for skills acquisition rather than financial reasons. 

Main reasons for this is as the world evolves more and more people are relying on connected devices and I’m trying to keep up with it all. I’ve done a lot of web searching, youtube watching and messing about but totally realise I’m only using a fraction of the tools (not just the pineapple) capability. I can work round the UI and I’ve got a much better understanding of what its actually doing now but I’d just like to be able to confidently use all the functions of the suite without compromising out of scope devices or causing other issues with the hardware / software. I’d like to see this used properly as I find a lot of the stuff online skips over the settings and the not so ‘sexy’ stuff going on in the background. 

Appreciate any pointers as to legitimate training companies / people or online courses that cover more than just the basic set up / brief explainer of the pages.

PM If any clarifications are needed and appreciate any pointers / help offered.

Thanks in advance,



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