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- The serial port of my bash bunny is not recognized by windows 10 when I try to use it with Putty.

 - Everytime that I try to open a putty session, I get this error :

"Unable to open connection to COM8 , Opening '\\.\\COM8: Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified."

  1. RNDIS_ETHERNET is configured in the switch 1 of a payload.txt file
  2. When I have my bash bunny in arming mode, device manager is able to recognize the bash bunny with the COM8
  3. I carefully configured Putty to make sure I wasn't missing any steps.


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OK, so.... the Bunny has its own section on the forums, post future questions about the Bunny there.

I guess you asked this on the Discord server as well since the problem scenario is exactly the same there. However..... Do you see the logic here? It's all in your own text. You say that you use a payload containing RNDIS_ETHERNET and PuTTY isn't working using your preferred COM port. But, in arming mode, it works. This is not strange at all since ATTACKMODE SERIAL (along with STORAGE) is used in arming mode. If you don't actively use ATTACKMODE SERIAL in your payload(s), you won't be able to use a serial connection to the Bunny. So, you have to add that attack mode to you payload in order to connect to the Bunny using PuTTY, OR..... use ssh instead of serial (using the IP address of the Bunny) if you still want to use ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET in your payload.

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