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KeyCroc Wpa Enterprise - Wired connection

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Hello everyone, I don't have any problem with my key croc but i need some information about wifi.

1) Can key croc connect wpa enterprise networks ? If can, how ?

2) If there is a ethernet cable (wired) connected to the computer, does key croc automatically connect to the internet ?

I couldn't find anything related to this on the internet, if you could help me I would be very grateful.

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Regarding WPA Enterprise; not possible using the standard configuration file as far as I know. But, since it's Debian, I can't see why it wouldn't be possible to set up such a connection on the Croc. It all depends on the infrastructure and authentication methods used. I'm very sure you will get some input on the matter just by doing a web search.

I can't see why the Croc would get an internet connection just because the target computer has a connection (wired or not) to the internet.

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First of all, thank you for your answer dark_pyrro. I will search about wpa enterprise. 

Other thing is,

When using a virtual computer, kali linux was automatically connected to the network the computer was connected to (wired connection). That's why I was wondering. 

And sorry about my english 🙂

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WPA Enterprise configs could be made available using the croc_framework script file and the config.txt file. It depends (as said) on the method of authentication how complex it needs to be. You need to tweak the croc_framework, but it should be possible. Otherwise it's just to ignore the WiFi config in the config.txt file and set it all up in the way you would do it on any Debian based system.

I'm not sure I follow your arguments/theory about how Kali Linux in a virtual environment would be the same as a Croc when used as it is intended to be used. The way the Croc gets connected to the "outside world" is by connecting it to a WiFi network as a client. You could use the attackmode that enables the Croc as a network device, but in that case the Croc will host the network, not act as a client to a network.

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