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I think I messed up... big


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Ok new fun issue..

On a VM of Kali on my laptop, I was following along with David B. On loading up the BB with a login password grabber using Metasploit. 

After changing out the wordlist and moving the new payload file into switch 1, I moved onto saving the deb's  for Metasploit and 3 others into /tools..     after a few moments light are good I eject, wait a few more moments and plug it back in to verify.   It's not recognized...  but BB light goes magenta.. uh-oh!

yes its in arming mode..   

Now what ...

can I just let it sit and SSH into it or what? 


  I only let it sit a minute or two before pulling it out with the magenta light, which was after I plugged it in the second time to verify

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