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Librem 14 and Bash Bunnies Mark I and II


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I recently received a Librem 14 laptop from Purism, and noticed an odd behavior with my Bash Bunnies.

If I insert any of my Mark I or II Bash Bunny devices in the right USB A port, there is about a 95% chance that the laptop instantly powers off, regardless of the switch position.  I thought maybe it was a Qubes OS issue, but the same occurs when paused at the Pureboot screen, if you do not have a Librem Key inserted (this is the screen when it is warning that the Librem Key is not inserted).  To note: this does not happen if a Bash Bunny is inserted in the left USB A port.

I have not encountered another USB device that causing any unexpected behavior with the laptop, including various USB storage devices, USB Wifi, USB crypto wallets, etc.

Has anyone else encountered this with a Librem 14 laptop?


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I just tested another use case, using a USB A to USB C converter, and discovered the following:  If I plug the Bash Bunny into the converter and then the converter into the right USB C port, nothing unusual happens.  If I plug the USB converter into the right USB C port and then plug the Bash Bunny into it, the laptop powers off.  This does not happen on the left USB C port.

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Not sure at all since I've not experienced this with either the Mk1 or the Mk2 but it sounds like a spike in current demand/voltage drop and that the Librem laptop can't deliver enough Amps for some reason. For example, this happens pretty frequently with (at least older) Raspberry Pi models (not with the Bash Bunny specifically though). In those cases, the RPi reboots, it doesn't power off which seems to be the case here. I'd suggest contacting Purism and ask if there are any limitations regarding the Librem 14 laptop and USB ports. I wouldn't put the Bunny on the top of my "blame game" list since it's actually working on some ports on the PC. Of course, the Bunny can be the actual problem source (or a combination of Bunny and PC), but I wouldn't go any further without troubleshooting the PC as well. I would say it's very rare that the Bunny is the cause of such behavior. At least according to my experience.

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Thanks.  I def don't blame the Bunny, as I have not encountered the issue on any other laptops.  I saw 1 or 2 people talk about the Librem on here, so I figured I'd ask if anyone had seen the same, so I could reference this as a singular issue or more than one when I reached out to Purism.

I have written their support, and offered to send them a Bunny for them to test, in hopes that its an issue that can be addressed with a firmware update.


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