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bash bunny problem


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I'm just a bash bunny newbie, but i followed a video about doeloading 4 tools and after that i should safely remove and insert it again and it will take a while while he is working on it, but it blinking red since like 4 hours and idk what i'm suppose to do.

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Bash Bunny is a USB attack device made by a US company Hak5. At first glance, the device looks like an unnecessarily fat USB flash drive. However, if you took a look inside, you would find our that notwithstanding its size, it contains quite a respectable hardware lead by a four-core ARM processor:

Quad-core ARM Cortex A7

32 K L1/512 K L2 Cache

512 MB DDR3 Memory


The hardware then comes to life due to Linux, namely Debian 8 Jessie. And now the important facts. Bash Bunny can emulate a USB Storage, keyboard, and a network card. We will see what all this is good for (and even excellent) in the chapter addressing actual attacks. So, if you are not interested in the surplus of information and you wish to see practical attacks that can be executed with a Bash Bunny, simply scroll down to the Practical Attacks chapter.

The main purpose of Bash Bunny is to carry out attacks on a station/mobile phone, provided you have physical access to them. The main benefit of this device for our pentesting team at AEC is its usefulness as a helper during the so-called physical social engineering, i.e. when we are trying to gain physical access to the premises, offices, or server rooms of the target company, or during Red Teaming activities. We will show you what magic we can do with the Bash Bunny in one of the following chapters. But first, we will talk about how to purchase the device and put it into operation.

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