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C2 webpage not working on linode


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What OS are you using on Linode for your VPS (or the PC, I guess you are trying to set it all up on your LAN as an alternative way of trying to get it all to work)? I'm not familiar with Linode when it comes to C2 since I'm running it on another VPS provider, but I guess Linode has some firewall feature for their VPS'es just like other providers have. Did you set that firewall up for C2 (or at least check if it's needed or not)?

Since you are asking about ports, I assume that your C2 server starts properly. The reason to why I'm asking is that the instructions you have linked is somewhat dated and needs adjustments to work properly.

What are you using for the "hostname" parameter when you start the C2 service? Don't display any actual domain name or IP address. I just want to make sure you aren't using "IPAddressORHostname" as in the instructions.

Are you using the -https parameter when starting the C2 server?

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