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MK7 and USB hub


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Hello everyone 🙂

Its my first topic so I am a bit excited to be part of this forum.

I am very happy owner of the WiFi Pineapple MK7. On the Pineapple there is USB C connector so I have been thinking: is there an option to connect USB C hub to connect additional NIC (I am thinking to get Alfa AWUS036ACM) and provide power to the pineapple at the same time. The reason why I need this additional USB port is the one which is already on the pineapple is occupied by... LAN Turtle 😄

Its probably silly question so - apologies in advance.

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I'm running my Mark VII with a USB hub and an Alfa AWUS036ACM. Not connected to the USB-C though, but the Type A port. I consider the USB-C to be used for power supply and/or getting access to the onboard Ethernet interface. Everything else that is USB related goes via the Type A port.

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Thank you for your quick response dark_pyrro. Could you please advise how I can check this before I buy another stuff? USB Type A is slower than type C so if I connect Alfa NIC then it wont slow it down when I will be doing sniffing packet capture on 5ghz. Another reason why I prefer to use USB C is that I don`t want to overload USB A as it might not have enough power for Lan Turtle and for the Alfa NIC, Please correct me if I am wrong as I am just a noob 😉

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