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Bash-Bunny Updater (V1.1) - payload library not synchronize with the official repository.


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Hi Team,

I have the latest bash-bunny mark II , which i try to sync the payload through bashbunny updater.exe (based on the doc) using Windows 64 bit executable 

Based on the doc The payload library on the Bash Bunny synchronize your copy of the /payloads/library folder with the official repository.  but in my case it's not working , below is the output 

Hak5 Bash Bunny Updater v1.1

Please choose an action: (0-0, q to quit)
        [0] Update Bash Bunny
[*] Connecting to update server, please wait.
[*] Checking for Bunnyupdater updates
        [-] Already up-to-date
[*] Checking for Bash Bunny firmware updates
        [-] Already up-to-date
[*] Checking for udisk updates. This may take a while.
        [-] Update successful
[*] Copying files
        [-] Files copied successfully

[Press enter to exit]


Anybody encouter this ? any solutions kindly share 

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Are you running the BunnyUpdater from the Bunny storage? In other words, have you unpacked the zip to the storage of the Bunny when it is in arming mode? I'm not really a user of the BunnyUpdater and especially not on Windows, so I'm not all familiar with all possible sources of issues. Do you have a Micro SD card inserted/mounted on the Bunny?

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It can be more or less successful. As I said in my previous post, I'm not a frequent user of the bunnyupdater (actually close to never)., but when I've tried it, it has been with mixed results. On the Mk1 Bunny, it can download portions of what's available on GitHub but not all and between tries it downloads different things. On the Mk2, it seems to fail with a relatively high percentage. It's easier to scp the payloads library to the Bunny instead. I never carry around all the payloads from GitHub on the Bunny, I just arm it with what's needed at every given moment.

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Another thing I remembered now is that if the computer where bunnyupdater executes is a Windows box, it will fail because of the fact that the GitHub payload library for the Bunny contains things that Windows AV doesn't like that much. I.e. things get caught by AV making the download partial. It's not the full explanation to why payload library downloading fails, but one possible explanation.

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