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ID Source of Attack using Pineapple


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I own my network and live with another person. I have a router which conenct to my erro's in 3 spots of the home.  The main fiber goes directly into the modem. I recently purchased the WIFI Pineapple with the hopes of being able to review connected devices on my network.  I have not authrorized them and it seems no matter what I do, I cant figure out how they are getting in.  The person I live with and suspect is a computer smart person and claims they don't know.  My network names on many occasions are being duplicated and will show even when my wifi router and modem or disconnected.  I have changed network names becasue of this and still they continue to be created near of the same with about a 80 persent signal.  I am concerned. What program, and what setup will allow me to directly find out who is messing with my network settings via the pineapple as a way to help me.

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