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broadcast package to the internet?


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hi, would it be possible to send a broadcast to the internet? i know the router stops it but would it be possible to lets say make your own router thats doesnt stop it? 

or any other way to send it anyways? 


also why wouldn't it be possible if so

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You mean an IP broadcast. Yes, you can send whatever traffic you want out onto the internet.

The internet is just a load of interconnected local networks, so the WAN side of your router is connected to a local network with others in the area and it will use broadcast traffic on that network, for example when getting it's IP address via DHCP.

What do you want to achieve with this broadcast?

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Think about the logic of that, if someone could take the internet down in a couple of seconds by doing something like that, don't you think it would have been done loads of times already by a mix of bored hacker kids and nation states?

And that the people who know about things like this would have then stopped it from happening?

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What was probably meant was that if routers didn't filter broadcast traffic, then there would be problems.

If that was the case, then my machine could send a single packet and have it delivered to every other host that is somehow connected to it via any route. Now expand that out and you do get a global denial of service as every broadcast packet from every host would be sent to every other host.

But as routers restrict broadcast traffic to just the local network they originated on, even if you modify your home router to not have that restriction, the traffic is only going to go as far as the routers leaving the next subnet. You would send a bit of extra traffic to your neighbours and that would be it.

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