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Copy USB stick content

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I'm going to show you my code project: I want to make a payload that allows you to copy all the content of a USB key connected to the pc.

The first step is to find under which letter the key is connected: A, G, E... and there I don't know how to do it.

Then I think it's quite simple: copy all the folders and subfolders from the key to the rubber ducky's sd card.

However I have some constraints: I can't use Win+R or Win+E because these shortcuts don't work on the pc.


Thank you in advance for those who will take the time to answer me.

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What information do you have about the "USB key"? Are you in control of it or could it be just a random one that you have no information about at all? Are you running some non standard firmware on your Ducky (since you are planning to use it as a storage device; which isn't possible with the stock firmware).

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The Twin Duck firmware is available, but it's not stock firmware that is supported by Hak5 and I guess you somewhat void warranty flashing it with alternative firmware. Regarding the USB key, it will probably be some kind of "qualified guessing" if you can't tell which one it might be. In most cases there is just one attached, but it's nothing that can be taken for granted so the payload will not be 100% transparent.

The firmwares available can be found here


I have no experience using them (or the Twin Duck specifically) for the Ducky since I want to keep it stock as it was born from the duck mother. I use the Bash Bunny when I need storage as I run payloads. There are a bunch of videos available though. Just do a search. The latest one I've seen is made by Cosmo.


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Ok. Thank you for your answers. I might go for the Bash Bunny. There will be only one other USB key connected to the computer. can you explain to me how to find under which letter the key is connected? then transfer the files to the Bash Bunny?

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