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You could almost certainly have just run sshd on that machine as well, but if you use the startup script it makes things a bit nicer as it writes the pid to a known file which allows the system to shut down or restart processes properly among other things.

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Even when I use sudo, it says command not found; I just installed it and it isn't working. The SSH command works though.

Not sure what option syou have, but under the control panel, see if there is one for services. Als, see if SSH is there, if so ,start it. Same goes for FTp, HTTP Serfvers, etc. don't have it in front of me, but I will load it up on my VM and see if I can remember where the settings were...what version are you running? and what gui? Gnome, KDE?

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Ok. Don't have Ubuntu anymore, but I had a copy at one time and it was almost identical to my Fedora 6 install.

I don't know if this helps, but if your using the gnome desktop, goto the toolbar and menus for system/administration/ and then services.

Scroll down and see if SSHD is listed. If so, check it and start it. Then you should be set. I can't see what your desktop looks like or what your running, so give us a little more info. If you just running the shell (no gui) then maybe someone else might know where to check for it, but if a terminal window doesnt return anythign when typing in SSHD then you probably have something misconfigured or its not installed.

Check the site where you got your copy from. See if they have a wiki or specific install notes for your version.

EDIT: Don't know what interface your using, but here is where my SSHD service can be started and stopped http://www.twistedpairrecords.com/sshd.jpg

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