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Screen Crab not saving images to SD


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On 2/26/2022 at 9:07 AM, dark_pyrro said:

Have you tried different SD cards? Try reformatting the SD card using either the official SD card formatting tool from the SD Association or gparted or such. Make sure there's only one partition on the card.

Already tried..

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Ok @usulguand @joel-o please make sure that you made theese steps:


  • Do not use any adapters. For example an HDMI to DVI monitor adapter or any other kinds of adapters. If you don't have a monitor or use an adapter do this instead. Take your Screen Crab and plug the HDMI port into the ingoing port. It should make pictures if it's in the default configuration. You can see that at the blue light (if it's turned on). It solved my issue. Important is to leave the outgoing port empty without any HDMI cables. 


  • Use a stronger power source.


  • Try reformatting the SD-Card. It should be ExFAT. 


  • Make sure it only has one partition on the SD-Card.


  • Check on Cloud C2 if you recive there any pictures. Maybe it's a problem with the SD-Card itself and you should try another one. I recommend using a SD-Card above 8gb.


  • Use other HDMI cables


  • Try another Monitor, Device or TV.


I hope those tips will help y'all.


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