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How often do you replace your PC?


How often do you replace your PC?  

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    • Every Year
    • Every 2 Years
    • Every 3-4 Years
    • Every 5 or more, if it lasts that long!

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i will buy a new pc every 4-5 years. and i'll replace a few odd parts during that time, maybe a bit more ram, faster cpu, faster video card, whatever i can afford and consider worthwhile. the reason i will buy a whole new pc is generally because the pc can't really be upgraded due to new types of ram, new cpu socket or whatever.

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I say every 3-4 years. I cannot afford buying a new computer every year O_o Spent $2000 when I was 14 to buy a new computer, and I was in debt to my parents for quite awhile. Now I'm looking for a new one. I have a sweet video card and the other parts can't keep up as well.

Farewell money :cry:

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ive never replaced a PC :? though ive gone from a HP Pavillion P3 800, to a Core Duo 2.6, and there is no longer an original part in it, but ive never brought enough parts to make a complete rig out of, unless u count a new Mobo and CPU.

also the reason i upgrade, is pretty much all of the above :P, either it cant handle what im doing, Somethink inside goes snap, then crunch, and every now and then coz im greedy (i dont need my Radeon X1900, nor my Core Duo, but hey ive got them ^_^)

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I don't own a PC but I would say every 3 years, all you need to do is pop in some more RAM or a better Graphics card and you're all good.

ATM a 900MHz duron, 769MB RAM, 40GB HDD and integrated graphics is fine for me. I'm going to get a 1800+, 768MB RAM and nvidia geforce2 64MB(OCed by me, extra 10% performance) handed down when we build our new computer. So I'm going to buy a 6200 AGP(so I have 2 video outputs), a 22" widescreen(and use that and my 17" LCD, dual monitor FTW) and a MS natural 4000 keyboard. I don't game much anymore.

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