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No confirmation after placing an order


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Can any customer service of Hak5 contact me please, since there is no direct method to contact you guys!

It has been a day, still no response. I tried to put in my e-mail and phone number to track my order, but it says "We couldn’t find an account with this phone/ email". Please let me know what is going on with this order, or I will have to contact my credit card to block the payment. It is a shame, coz I want the product. 


Thank you!



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Hi linliu813,

Using the email address you used to sign up to the forums with, I can see that the order you placed yesterday has been fulfilled and shipped (or will ship very shortly). Our system shows that a shipping confirmation email was sent to you, but you have typed the email address incorrectly (.co instead of .com).

I've fixed the typo, and re-sent the shipping confirmation. You should see it in your inbox shortly.

If you have any further questions, please note that the forums is not an official customer support outlet, and instead, I recommend creating a support ticket here.


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