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Evil Portal / Captive Portal: Error activating portal


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Hi everyone!

I'm doing some stuff with captive portal. Everything went well until I wanted to make my own.

I was successfully upload evil portals from https://github.com/kleo/evilportals but when I upload my own, I've got 

Error activating portal


  • Evil Portal Version: 1.4
  • Pineapple version: 1.1.1
  • Are you connected to the internet?: Yes
  • The output of the module log file located at: /tmp/modules/evilportal.log on your pineapple.:
    • 2022-02-15 14:18:50,180 - evilportal - ERROR - NO EP FILE FOUND: /www/<name_of_my_module>.ep (module.py:53)

      2022-02-15 14:18:50,212 - evilportal - DEBUG - Accepting on module socket (module.py:85)

      2022-02-15 14:18:50,244 - evilportal - DEBUG - Sending response {"error": "Error activating portal."} (module.py:89)

I've removed all Captive Portals and installed them again but error still occurs. 

How to get rid of this error and make CP work again?



Sometimes, when accessing Evil Portal module I receiving:

unix /tmp/modules/evil portal.sock: connect: resource temporarily unavailable


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My solution:

  1. go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to Software Update
  3. Click on Check For Updates button
  4. If there are no updates click this button again
  5. message will change on CTA to Reinstall Current Firmware

No effort, no wires, no errors... WHY this is not mentioned anywhere?

Anyways... it's a really good TIP and helpful feature.

After that I created my test Captive Portal which I could Preview

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  • 6 months later...

This solution has worked for me. After running some obscure portals found on GitHub, I began receiving the error "Error activating portal" when attempting to activate any previously working portals.

  1. Access /www
    1. Remove all contents excluding the captiveportal directory or its contents.
  2. Access /root/portals.
    1. Remove all existing portals you may have added.
  3. Prepare to transfer original portal files from your host to the Pineapple.
    1. In each portal directory, for example facebook-login, remove the enable and disable files.
    2. Re-transfer each of the evil portal directories to the /root/portals path.
  4. Access Pineapple Evil Portal module and attempt to activate.

TLDR: On the pineapple, remove everything from the www folder but the captiveportal folder. Then delete all files in the /root/portals. In your Kleo EvilPortal repo clone, delete the enable/disable files from each of the portal folders and re-add them to the /root/portals path.

Hope this helps, it has worked for me each time I have tried using a non-working evil portal.

Notes: Portals I tested and found not working. These resulted in errors when activating other portals.

  1. JonnyBanana/Netflix_EVIL_PORTAL
  2. gscamelo/evilportals Microsoft SSO Evil Portal
  3. LuemmelSec/evilportals ADFS Evil Portal
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  • 4 months later...

I was able to resolve this by deleting all the .enable and .disable files from /root/portals using the following since the -delete flag isn't supported with find in this bash.

rm $(find -type f -name '.enable')

rm $(find -type f -name '.disable')


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3 minutes ago, Wind010 said:

I was able to resolve this by deleting all the .enable and .disable files from /root/portals using the following since the -delete flag isn't supported with find in this bash.

rm $(find -type f -name '.enable')

rm $(find -type f -name '.disable')


Correction from the portals directory:

rm $(find . -type f -name '.enable')

rm $(find . -type f -name '.disable')


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I’m experiencing similar issues with the Wi-Fi Pineapple and Evil Portal module. Refreshing the page, restarting the Evil Portal module, or rebooting (not factory resetting) helps. I’ve also faced problems transferring custom captive portals and using Kleo’s portals. Even integrating my code into the basic portal encountered issues. These products are innovative but tend to be buggy. Persistence and luck seem key. Turning off the Evil Portal’s web server improves file transfers and portal display. If errors occur, I refresh the page or re-login, until there aren’t any errors. I suggest Updating OPKG in the terminal might help, though I’m uncertain. After many hours of playing with the WiFi Pineapple I have successfully created portals and transferred Kelo’s portals from host to pineapple. I recommend that one portal is transferred at a time and then refresh the Wi-Fi pineapple webpage. If you receive any errors, just keep on refreshing the page. When you are creating a captive portal, I also suggest that you use everything that comes with file. Changing the design and how you want the portal to look and possibly behave is a must, but make sure you keep all the logic and all the files in tact.  For my experience as of right now, the Wi-Fi pineapple is working great and I have successfully used it on a few penetration engagements. Remember there are other open-source software available for similar tasks.

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