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Access C2 from different device


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Noob here...How do I access C2 from a different device from which it was set up on?

I am running C2 in a VPS but said VPS wont recognize any USB I input so I can't figure out how to get the files into my pineapple to get it set up as a device in C2. 

Is it possible to access the C2 in my VPS from say, my home PC and plug the pineapple in there for config?

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Not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do. To connect a Hak5 device to a Cloud C2 server, you need to get the device specific "device.config" file from the Cloud C2 server to that device. You just open the Cloud C2 web UI using a web browser on (for example) a PC and then download the device.config file, then transfer it to the Hak5 device. It's all documented. With the Mark VII, you don't even have to use scp to transfer the device.config file since it is possible to transfer it using the Pineapple web UI.

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