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resizing linux terminal


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i want to maximise the size of a Linux terminal window after opening it. I'm testing the Rubber Ducky on a Laptop with Kali Linux. When pressing the Windows button and the UP-Arrow on the real Keyboard the window maximises. When using the command GUI UP in my ducky scrip "su" appears in the terminal window. GUI UPARROW doesn't work eather.

I use the jsencoder with german keyboard layout.

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A bit difficult to say without seeing the code that surrounds that part (especially to be able to understand where "su" comes from). But, you could perhaps try using Alt + Space (pressed simultaneously) then "x" as an alternative way. The "x" depends on if you are using some other language than English for the Kali desktop UI.

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The beginning of my script is

DELAY 1000

It seems as GUI an UP-Arrowos are not executed at the same time.

Alt + space X isnt working. <FN>+<F11> would be another option the set the windows to fullsize. Ist there a command for the <FN> key?

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You are probably a "victim" of a bug in the jsencoder file. GUI UP works for me.

Open the jsencoder file

At about line 440 in the JS encoder file, change
let key = args[0];
let key = args;

Then reload the jsencoder file in the browser, encode the payload and try again it again on the Kali box.


Alt + space + x works as well for me, btw. Can't test fn+F11 on my test Kali machine that I've started now since I have the function keys as default (no need to press fn to use them). There is a fn "key" to use in Ducky script though, that is called..... FN

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