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Brand new Mark VII cant deauth on any SSID


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Just now, constantskeptic said:

First time poster here. I followed steps after I updated the firmware during the setup process, I can spoof any SSID and set an arbitrary passwords for half handshake captures but I cant run the deauthorization to get clients to try to reconnect. This is very frustrating that it is grayed out.

To be clear, I am trying to do it from the GUI since it has the option to do this and make it easier than from the terminal.

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Of course you should use the web UI, that is one of the reasons to use the Pineapple.

Since you say "grayed out", does the wireless network have any clients connected in the recon scan you are doing? It's grayed out by default if there are no clients associated with the AP, since..... well..... there are no clients to deauthenticate. Simple as that. If you click on an AP that has clients connected in a recon scan, then the deauthenticate button won't be grayed out but blue and possible to click on.

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If there are clients around that can be seen, then they will show up. Just try different lengths of scan time and see what is showing. If I just want to make a test recon, 30 seconds most often results in APs and clients. It of course depends on your wireless landscape though and if there are any 2.4 GHz clients around.

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New to all of this. My wifi pineapple 7, just came in the mail three (3) days ago actually I purchased 2, and have blocked myself out of one already, are you aware of any step by step directions: PineAP settings, Evil Portal usage including how to add portals and i know this is reaching but each module, 

I am on the latest version 1.1.1 

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If one of them is inaccessible, then a factory reset is probably the way to get it up and running again.


Regarding PineAP settings, there are still video guides available on the (soon to be removed) older documentation web site among which PineAp is one thing covered.




This video is an older one and actually covers the previous generation of Pineapples, but, despite that, it still shows the basic functionality in a good way.



Other than that, I would recommend the documentation



When it comes to the Evil Portal module, do you want to create your own portals or add existing ones?

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