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Impossibly frusturating bunny problem lamb cakes


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Im trying to set up a media center with my xbox 360, so I took a spare computer and I want to put windows media center on it. The problem is that its a old computer and doesnt have a DVD-R on it. I borrowed a friends external DVD-R and thought If I installed it on the computer then I could just go into the bios, and tell it to boot from that first, but it doesnt find it. Is there any way I can boot a DVD on a computer without a DVD drive?

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Find the dodgey end of town, and buy a cheap white label DVD drive.

or find the back end of an open truck

I like that one. But I was wondering if there were anyway to install an OS remotely or (since the old PC has 2 HDD's) maybe some way to virutralize it but if that doesnt exist, it looks like more scrapping for me. :cry: :D

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With XP you could just copy the setup files off the CD to the harddrive and then boot from any boot disk that gives you a DOS like environment (any old Windows 98 disks you have lying around etc or just grab something from www.bootdisk.com) and then run "winnt" in the "i386" directory to start the setup process.

The same method might work with MCE, although I'm not sure of how MCE differs from XP Home/Pro as far as the installation goes. I can't guarantee it will work though, you may need some command line switches on winnt to install the MCE components.

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