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I was scammed out of 18000 dollars by a car scammer. And I'm trying to track him to report him to the police.


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I was recently involved in a major car accident, a drunk driver hit me head on and I was fortunate not to die. I took the money i received to buy a new vehicle. I went to craigslist, found a vehicle i liked. I contacted the "owner" and we met up two times where i eventually bought the vehicle. He had the pink slip that matched his license, a recent smog report and the carfax. So everything checked out. I paid him cash. I go to register the vehicle, and the issue cam up where I could not register it because the actual owner sold the vehicle to a person with a different name. Basically what happened is the person who sold me the car bought this vehicle for $6800, rolled the odometer back from 234000 miles to 50000, and sold it to me for 18000. I was able to get into contact with the original owner and he was able to sign over the pink slip to me. So i than went to register it, but the smog report was also forged. This guy who sold it to me really conned me. I've had a friend help me track the phone number that was used to call me. I'm very sure it was a burner number. I feel hopeless and don't know what to do. I have a phone number and craigslist url, key words that were used in his AD. also multiple craigslist ads and phone numbersĀ  that i think are the same person. Is there anyone who can give me suggestions on how to track this criminal using this information?? The ploice cant help me as of now, cause i dont have his name or know anything because he had a fake I.D. and the phone number no longer workS. can someone give me some suggestions or help??

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