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My BashBunny isint showing up at all.


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hello, i have recently bought a BashBunny from hak5 and everything works great. kind of, when i go to plug the bash bunny into my windows computer it only shows up as a RNDIS ETHERNET DEVICE even when it is in arming mode. The only time I can swap payloads is when I plug it into my Linux machine, but for the sake of convenience I like to use windows, when it comes to updating the bunny. thanks.

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Mine is doing the same. Even after a reset, it ends up in a bootloop. I get the quick red/blues followed by a green and then back to the red/blue etc. I can't get on the discord to ask because apparently someone else is using my phone number, and the person who had my number before me has passed away, so until the powers that be at Discord help me resolve the issue, I can't participate in the Hak5 Discord. 

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