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NEW MK7-Setup & Accessed 1 Time Now Plug It In & Blue Light Flashes, Network Shows Up In Wifi & MK7 Shuts Off..?!?!?!


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This is a bit frustrating.... Got the new MK7 a couple weeks ago... Unboxed, Followed "Setup" directions and was able to sign in and log-on and download some modules etc etc just as expected! Was pretty stoked! Was busy for a few days then got some time to do some more Pineappling, and everytning worked the same again.. This second time I dove in a little more and ran some local scans and read up on additonal features.. Left it on that evening as I had work to take care of and when I got back that morning went to turn everything on and the mk7 lit up with its blue lights, flashed like normal like normal, then a long off pause and back on in a "flicker" and then it showed up in wifi like normal but when I selected to connect to the mk7, the blue light around the same time turns solid for approx 3-5 seconds theb shuts off, it takes a few seconds for the wifi network to disappear resulting in "no network avaialble" of course....


I've treid to reset as per the "reset instructions" via Hak5 docs.. Does nothing.. Can still plug it in and the exact same proceess happens as explained above.. I've tried to conenct it via usb-c to 2 different mac book pros as well as newer imac (2019) 

Whats causing this f&*king thing to start up and then shut off? & Whats the fix Oh Ye Pineapple Ninjas?

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email hak5 for support.  doesn't look like you're getting much luck here.  I guess random internet strangers don't seem to know what could be causing it.  Other than trying different cables and power supplies which it sounds like you've done (maybe try a actual usb power socket rather than plugging it into a Mac? 


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