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Shipping to Germany


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Hello everyone,

I have no idea where my packages are at the moment. I had two orders (Order ID: 252353 & 252398), both shipped via Passport Shipping (Duties Paid Package). The packages shipped on 26th of December, 2021. Today, it is 26.01.2022 and I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where my packages are. Few days ago, when I contacted the customer service (which is VERY DELAYED in response time), said that the package is in customs and I have to wait. ''Apparently'' they received this, INSIDE information from the Passport Shipping Company. I was told to wait and I have been waiting ever since (the actual delivery date was between 11-13 January, 2022). The last tracking update was on December 28, 2021, when it departed the US (Bell, CA). I am really tired and annoyed of waiting now. Is this what you called reliable service or the reliability just gets worse as the company progresses from new to well settled?

Anyone had a similar experience from Europe or Germany? Please share and let me know how long is the ''ACTUAL WAITING PERIOD''!




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Yes, I would consider a month as rather normal when it comes to shipping. I've waited longer than that both last year and the year before. There is no reason to blame Hak5 if the customs in your country is delaying delivery that can be because of a myriad of reasons (might it be Covid or anything else).

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