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Wifi Pineapple Mark VII / Have or Have Not 5G ???


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Have the wifi pineapple mark vii 5g or Not 

i cant find Anything to read realy Thath if has or it havent Not 

 Please . Can me somewhere give me a correct awnser 

with YES or NO 

on the hak5 shop its written 5g With 


what is There meaning i realy dont understand it 

must i buy a extra Module sind where i can find it 

why its so hard to take a awnser on this question 

please thank you 


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First of all, keep the Pineapple Mark VII questions in the Pineapple Mark VII section of the forums. Next, the Mark VII does NOT have any hardware supporting 5 GHz out of the box, only 2.4 GHz. You need an additional compatible 5 GHz adapter. You can find the Hak5 variant in the shop on the Mark VII page. If using a supported 5 GHz adapter, the Mark VII supports it when it comes to software/drivers, etc. No need to do anything extra other than select it in the Pineapple web GUI.




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