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Weird unknown password hash


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For some reason when i try using zip2john on my windows 10 machine to find the hash of a zip file i made via winrar, it shows me this weird hash that even hash identifier cant identify, when i try to use john the ripper to decode it it just says no hashes left to decode or something like that, To be clear im on windows 10 and im using the jumbo version 64 bit


How am i supposed to decode this hash using john the ripper? To be clear i used winrar's built in password encryption and i clicked setpassword when encrypting the file and there is also only 1 txt file in the zip file

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here is the screenshot:

oh wait i forgot this needs urls and i cant use flickr and imgur is blocked on my wifi i guess no screenshots then until we get the ability to post screenshots normally like other forums how do i upload a screenshot from my computer to this forum using an URL?

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