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O.MG CABLE-C-TO-C DIRECTIONAL does not work out-of-the-box on Oppo A53s


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I everyone, I'm testing the omg cable with the following device (Oppo A53s) but if I don't manually enable the OTG option from Settings the cable doesn't perform any payload.

Instead using other phones like (Oneplus Nord, Xiaomi mi a2) the cable works perfectly out-of-the-box.

There is a list of devices that work out of the box with the omg cable?

What devices do you use? Any particular advice?


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It has been working on pretty much every device I have tried. iPad Pro, various Samsung Galaxy models, various Google Pixel models, various OnePlus models, etc. The community testing has certainly used a much wider set of devices, and it seems to be working in almost every case. Though, I have not been keeping a list of the community tested devices... maybe I should start! if OTG is disabled, that would certainly be an issue. 

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