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Bash Bunny in army mode detected by Windows, normal ?


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First of all, post Bunny questions in the Bash Bunny part of the forum. Next, I'm not sure what you mean, Switch 1 and 2 is "attack mode" (executing payloads), there is no "army mode". Arming mode, however, is the only other option which is switch 3. What is your question really? Attack mode or arming mode? Also elaborate what you think might be wrong about the config.txt file.

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Thanks dark_pyrro, I apologize for any misunderstanding and posting in the wrong part. I will pay more attention in the future.

I was referring to Attack Mode (executing payload) .

Question if is normal that kaspersky find Bashbunny when I plug in on attacking mode executing a payload.txt file for Switch1 (or Switch2) position.

Thanks for any support.


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