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Is there a phone# no1 is answering my email


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I sent a request on Christmas Eve I did not expect anyone to answer me through the weekend but it is now Thursday and I've gotten no response. I bought the Wi-Fi pineapple but not the $100 one the $150 one instead I was sent the cheaper one and no one has responded to my request forms. It says they respond within one or two days in the email that I received but no response yet is there a phone number I can call or any other way to contact someone I want to buy more products through their site but I don't want to buy anything new before my wrong product is resolved

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For most places if Christmas falls on a Saturday, then the following Monday is a public holiday, and in many places so is the Tuesday. As such they would only have been functional yesterday and today.


Patience in that case is required, and likely no response until the new year itself.

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